Building Making Growing

This community share offer invites you to invest in York Supplies Community Society Ltd (YSCSL), so that together we can buy the premises, stock and business of York Supplies, to continue and develop the shop as York Supplies Community Co-op.

Our vision is for York Supplies to be an inspiring, inclusive and creative hub for Building, Making and Growing. This is about what the business sells, and also what it provides to build community, grow skills and confidence for resilience, and make connections among the diverse residents of Kings Heath and beyond.

TARGET: £300,000

LAUNCH DATE: 21 July 2023

CLOSING DATE: 7 September 2023

Share Offer Document

This document explains what we are trying to do and why, how we hope to get there, and how your investment will help.


It should be read in its entirety alongside the accompanying business plan and Society rules. If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you are recommended to seek your own independent financial advice.

Business Plan

The business plan explains the current business situation of York Supplies and what we intend to do to maintain and develop the business and community activities as York Supplies Community Co-op. The business plan should be read in conjunction with the Share Offer Document.

There are also two appendices to the business plan: the Risk Register and the Society rules .

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that the Share Offer Document and Business Plan have given you a good understanding of this community share issue, but we have tried to answer some of your possible remaining questions here. If the FAQ still does not tell you what you need to know, please contact us at

Risk Register

A Risk Register is a requirement for a business plan. The Risk Register lists all the risks that the new York Supplies Community Co-op might reasonably anticipate, and explains how they might be avoided or mitigated.

The Rules

The incorporated organisation that will run York Supplies Community Co-op is called York Supplies Community Society Ltd (YSCSL). YSCSL is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and the YSCSL rules are given here.

Apply for Shares

After you have read all the information available from these pages, please begin your application for shares by clicking below.

This share offer closes on 7 September 2023.