Date for your diary: SUNDAY 26 MARCH

Community meeting: come & contribute to plans for the future of York Supplies!

Well, we’ve been a bit quiet on the email communications of late, but that’s because suddenly we got really busy with making some good progress on the buyout.

Information stalls

We’ve been delighted to see many of you at the stalls we’ve had at the Kings Heath Farmers’ Market this month, and at the York Road Artisan Market. We will be at Moseley Farmer’s Market too, at the end of the month. These will be regular events for the next while, as we increase awareness of the buyout, and get more people interested and involved. We have been really glad of the help we’ve had from volunteers to staff the stalls, and we’d love it if others felt they could join in too.

Community meeting

We’re building now to a community meeting on Sunday 26 March – that’s this week! It will be at Heathfield Road Community Centre, 3.15-5.15 pm, with refreshments provided courtesy of Change Kitchen.

The steering committee will set out where we have got to and take questions, but we want to spend most of the time picking YOUR brains!

Why do you love York Supplies? How would losing it affect you?

We want to keep all the things the shop does already, but what else could it offer?

How might a York Supplies co-op connect with plans for the ward or the city?

How can we engage the widest possible range of people in the buyout and co-op?

Your answers to these questions will feed into grant applications we are currently writing. We were successful in winning a parcel of advice from Co-ops UK to help us with aspects of the buyout, and will be meeting with the Havards community hardware store soon. We have also been invited to apply to the government’s Community Ownership Fund (you have to apply to apply…). It would be a huge boost to the buyout project if we were successful, and our success depends partly on how many ideas we get from you.

How you can help

Please come along to the community meeting on Sunday.

If you haven’t already, please sign up as a subscriber (for a tenner). LINK

Please sign up as a volunteer for an hour for the next stall. Write to: EMAIL

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday at the Community Centre!

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