Information for prospective candidates for the Board of Directors 2024

York Supplies Community Society Ltd was registered as a Community Benefit Society in April 2023. The Society grew out of the York Supplies Action Group, which was formed by customers of York Supplies to find ways of saving the shop for future generations. The current directors are committee members of the Action Group.

As you will know, a community share offer and other fundraising were extremely successful, and the Society has now acquired and is running the business with newly recruited managers. It is now time to hold the Society’s first AGM and elect a new board of directors.

The Society is actively seeking nominations for election as directors. This is an opportunity to contribute your skills and experience to your local community and to help sustain and develop this much loved business.

The primary focus of the Society is to successfully run the business and to eventually deliver interest payments to Members. The directors do this guided by the views expressed by Members, but they also have a legal duty to ensure the operations of the Society are conducted in compliance with the law and the regulations laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates Community Benefit Societies.

So becoming a director brings with it duties and responsibilities: to regularly attend meetings and prepare properly for them; to actively participate in meetings and conduct business in a collaborative and constructive manner; and to take part in working groups which are an essential part of board work.

In putting yourself forward for election, we ask that you think about the time commitment involved and whether you can meet it. We anticipate the board meetings will take place once a month, normally on a Monday evening for 90 minutes. Working groups, such as the retail operations groups or the communications group, may also meet as much as once a month, depending on current activities, often online and for around 90 minutes. Directors usually take on responsibility for specific tasks decided by the committee, such as helping to organise a promotional event, or overseeing the appointment of a contractor to do work on the premises.

It is very important to say that the directors do not play an active role in the day-to-day running of the shop, which is the responsibility of the managers. Directors play a strategic role, and the managers bring to the board proposals that require financial investment or new product lines.

Directors oversee the sub-letting of unused parts of the premises to support the Society’s income, and they have a critical role in overseeing the finances of the Society and ensuring that its operations are carried out in full compliance with its policies, for example health and safety. Directors also ensure that issues important to Members, such as sustainability and localness, are reflected in decision making. In time, the Society intends, under its constitution and purposes, to undertake community work aligned with the business (for example, encouraging young people’s interest in plants and gardens, or offering DIY training sessions) and this will be overseen by the Board or a specially elected committee.

We hope you will think about putting yourself forward to support the next phase in the life of York Supplies.

Think about:

  • What skills or experience do I have to contribute? You may have retail or financial experience or you may have experience of organising people or events.
  • Do you have enough time to fulfil your duties? It’s usual for directors to miss one or two meetings a year, but if you miss more than that, you will be leaving others to carry the load. Work outside the committee meetings can be done around your other commitments.
  • Do you feel you will be fulfilled being involved at a strategic level, rather than the day- to-day running of the shop?

Our local community is wonderfully diverse. We are keen to encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds, including those with a disability, to put themselves forward

If you would like to discuss becoming a director before putting yourself forward then the Society Secretary, Donald Steel, will be very happy to speak with you. Donald can be contacted by emailing


Term of office

Positions being elected

Time commitment

Eligibility to stand for election

Format of nomination

Skills and knowledge required


  • Strategic thinking
  • Sound independent judgement and skilled in collaborative working
  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties and responsibilities of co-operative directors
  • Willingness to attend training and Member events
  • Committed to co-operative principles and co-operation

One or more of the following would be desirable:

  • Business knowledge and experience in a co-operative, community or other relevant context
  • Ability to analyse, interpret and apply financial data and information
  • Board level experience in a co-operative or other relevant organisation
  • Finance or risk management experience
  • Specialist skills, knowledge and experience in finance and accountancy, law, HR, strategic planning, IT and marketing, retail, community work

If you are ready to apply please fill out your information here: